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My Take - Losing the Team

In sports it's called losing the team.  It's when a coach no longer has the respect or influence over their players.  In almost every situation, it's the beginning of the end demanding immediate changes at the top.   Former Governor Bentley, was an example of a leader losing the team.  A few days ago, on the steps of the state capitol former Governor Robert Bentley stood alone and spoke solemnly about his regrets and his decision to resign.  I think most Alabamians were relieved for him to step down.  My hope is this represents a new start for Alabama.  We need to do our part as the voters of Alabama to be sure we are electing the kind of leaders that reflect the core values of all Alabamians.  We will elect a new US Senator later this year and 2018 will be a political election as well.  My hope is this is the start of making Alabama politics honest and in the best interest of our great state.   That's what Alabamians deserve.  I'm Dave Thomason, that's my take, what's yours?

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