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Parents concerned over changes to Decatur City Schools curriculum

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Some parents in Decatur are concerned about major changes coming soon to the school system's curriculum.

Leigh Adkins is president of the Cedar Ridge Middle School Parent Teacher Organization and is the mother of two Decatur City schools students. She said she and other parents worry some students will be stuck in classes not suited for them. Adkins said many parents are confused by what the A+ College Ready program will mean for their kids.

A+ is a state initiative to increase advanced placement class offerings in math, science and English. Since Alabama adopted it in 2008, the state's AP test scores have significantly improved.

Adkins said parents worry that some children will take AP classes they're not suited for while others will be in basic curriculum classes that are not challenging enough.

Adkins talked with Board of Education president Karen Duke on Monday and said she learned the school system is working with A+ on setting up a meeting with parents to clarify how it will work.

"I want to thank the parents for sending their emails and their concerns to the board of education because it does make a difference. If the parents are concerned about things, unless they contact the board of education about it, no one knows there is a concern," Adkins said.

Most school systems in north Alabama have already joined the A+ College Ready Alliance, which funds the program and provides training for educators.

Look for WAFF 48 News for further information when a meeting with parents is scheduled.

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