Albertville Aggie Band shines in 2018 Rose Bowl Parade performance

Albertville Aggie Band shines in 2018 Rose Bowl Parade performance

PASADENA, CA (WAFF) - Monday was a special day for the Albertville High School band who performed in the Tournament of Roses Parade in California that morning.

Nearly 300 Albertville Aggie Band students made the trip to Pasadena to perform in the Rose Parade.

"It was absolutely exhausting but it was without a doubt the most rewarding experience of my musical career," said AHS band director Chris Lindley.

Bands usually perform about 15 minutes for a halftime show but these parades can last a couple of hours.

"It was very tiring but the people along the way were just so encouraging that it just made it so much easier," said AHS band member Chandeon Tims.

For three days ahead the band got in a little sightseeing with a trip to Disneyland and other places. But for Tims and the rest of the band it was their chance to shine on a national stage.

"I actually cried. I was so excited that I got to finish it with my friend and the wonderful band directors' faces when they got to see us be so excited after what we accomplished," said Tims.

The band raised over $1 million to make it happen before putting in countless hours of practice.

Lindley said he hopes this once in a lifetime experience at a young age will allow each one to reach for the stars when it comes to setting goals.

"If you hope for it and you wish it and most importantly, you work hard enough for it you can do anything," said Lindley.

The band will fly back to Alabama and return to Albertville on Tuesday.

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