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After $2M in renovations, Big Spring Park is finally open


After nine months of $2 million dollars in renovations, Big Spring Park is finally open to the public. 

Renovations such as infrastructure repairs and upgrades including replacing crumbling seawalls, improving pedestrian connectivity, new lighting and electrical, fountains were all done. 

“We are extremely proud of the teamwork involved in bringing this park back to the high standard our residents deserve,” said Mayor Tommy Battle. “Big Spring Park is the City’s living room. It is where everyone comes to show off Huntsville. Today, we give it back to our community to enjoy for decades to come.”

Major improvements to the park include:

  • Stabilized deteriorating seawalls and soils adjacent to the pond
  • Better pedestrian connectivity
  • Improved landscaping, irrigation, lighting and decorative park fixtures
  • Increased public greenspace by approximately 1.25 acres
  • Improve water quality in the pond
  • Constructed two additional pedestrian crossings across the canal near Williams Avenue. Patrons may walk around the pond without going up and over Monroe Bridge
  • Restored and upgraded freedom Monument (Eternal Flame) and relocated flag pole adjacent to monument
  • Installed new landscape buffer adjacent to parking garage
  • Constructed three plaza areas for special events and patrons to congregate
  • Upgraded electrical and lighting throughout park, which includes new tree and park lighting, additional power panels, food truck connections, and convenience power outlets at benches
  • Upgraded fountains with lights in west lagoon, added a fountain in the east lagoon, and a water feature near Church Street to help improve water quality in the pond
  • Replaced and upgraded approximately 5,000 linear feet of cracked and dilapidated sidewalks
  • Renovated and relocated gazebo
  • Added steps down to water’s edge on south side of Japanese bridge
  • Grain feeders for ducks and fish

Visitors to the park are being asked to help keep the park clean by throwing trash in the garbage cans and by limiting their feeding of urban wildlife. Animal Services Director Dr. Karen Sheppard says everyone can use the grain feeders around the pond instead of bringing bread, popcorn, crackers or cereal to feed the ducks and fish.

“For just 25 cents, you get a handful of grain –just the right amount for our waterfowl,” said Dr. Sheppard. “It is healthier for the animals and reduces byproduct as a result of overfeeding. This is a special place, and with the public’s help, we can keep it clean for people and ducks and enjoy our urban wildlife in their natural habitat.” 

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