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Rogersville teen firefighter cadet saves man's life

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A couple of Rogersville families are celebrating after a high school student put his training into action and saved a life.

This lifesaver is part of the Rogersville Fire Department Cadet program. Folks in Rogersville are calling the cadet a hometown hero for helping a father who got to come home just in time for Easter.

The teen hero was reunited with the man who credits him for a second chance on Tuesday.

"It’s tough to not know what happens after the calls, just the unsureness of not knowing if they made it or not, so it’s a good feeling to see him walking," said Slade Sartain.

Sartain is a high school senior and was the first responder to the call of Tyler Ezell in full cardiac arrest.

"Tyler was laying on the floor unconscious and not breathing and he didn't have a pulse when I checked it," Sartain said.

He gave CPR.

He just finished official training a few weeks before the call.

"If he wouldn't have gotten there as quickly as he did, we wouldn't have him here today because the doctors told us that if we didn't start CPR when we did, he would have been dead," said fellow firefighter Kaitlyn Hendrix.

Hendrix, who also responded to the call, said they had to shock Ezell twice with the AED to get a pulse back.

Ezell doesn’t remember anything from the incident.

"When I woke up in the hospital, two or three people told me that a high school student saved my life," Ezell said.

Doctors had to put in a defibrillator into Ezell's chest to regulate his heartbeats. He battled pneumonia and kidney failure while in the hospital. Through those setbacks, he celebrated his birthday and got married while at ECM Hospital.

"If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here. Him and their team. awesome job," Ezell said.

Sartain credits his almost three years of cadet school for knowing what to do.

"I love what I do and I would do it for anybody," he said.

Sartain plans to be a full-time firefighter one day.

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