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How social media can help lead to arrests

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A $50,000 reward is being offered after a Cleveland man allegedly killed a person and posted a video of the crime on Facebook

Now, officials are hoping clues left in the video will help lead to an arrest.  

Madison County Deputies have been alerted to major crimes in the past using social media.

When a video of teens doing the mannequin challenge, holding guns went viral, the Sheriff's Office used it to find the suspects, and make multiple arrests. Deputies say the public often helps solve crimes without ever realizing it. 

"If we can see that video and get our hands on it, we have some tools to enhance the video and maybe collect any information needed to make or break any case," said Brian Chaffin with the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

"You may be videoing something and may not realize something has occurred and then three or four days down the road you realize, I was right there when that happened and say I have video of that let me send it to them."

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