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Meet Redstone Arsenal's military working dogs

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(Source: WAFF) (Source: WAFF)

Laco is one of Redstone Arsenal's military working dogs. This Belgian Malinois is also a soldier, which means he could be deployed at any time.

"They provide a deterrence for terrorism. We can do search and rescue with them," said Sgt. Billy Booth, the Redstone Police Department's kennel master.

Another way they use these military working dogs to ensure safety on Redstone Arsenal is to take them along the tree and fence lines along the Arsenal.

"We've had several instances where they've located suspects in the wood-line, detect illegal contraband coming on the Arsenal," said Booth.

The dogs are used at the Arsenal gates for special events like the Annual Full-Scale Emergency Exercise and bomb-sniffing.

Laco came to Redstone from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. He's been working with their police department for going on four years now.

Redstone PD explained the dogs love their work.

"When you watch this dog work, he enjoys every aspect. It's not something they are forced to do. We just use their own drives and play games with them," said Booth.

One game is detection.

"It's basically a game of hide and seek," said Booth.

Laco and officer Roland have been a team since January. Before that, he worked with Booth.

"They are your partner. You're riding with them all day. You're working with them. You get close to them. It's not just your dog. It's all the other dogs you work with as well," said Booth.

Laco and Roland start their day with obedience training.

When Laco is at a standstill, he's still going, ready to get to the next task. That includes dealing with uncooperative suspects.

After a morning of training, Laco and Roland go to work, patrolling the military post, responding to calls for assistance.

"They're not just a tool. They're our partners. They go to work with us every day. They're treated like our partners. They're our backup. They protect us. We protect them," said Booth.

Military working dogs can be found at most military installations.

A fun fact about Laco and Roland is they actually spent three weeks in New York protecting President Donald Trump through Christmas and New Year’s.

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