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Economist: Bentley investigation stalling state business

Tom Pieplow (Source: WAFF) Tom Pieplow (Source: WAFF)
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Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said Friday during a press conference that his ethics investigation is distracting Alabama lawmakers from doing their jobs and it's hurting the state.

An impeachment hearing is looming for Bentley, but he's refusing to let go of the state's top position.

"I do not plan to resign,” he said Friday.

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Bentley said the state's investigation into his alleged affair with a former top aide isn't just hurting him.

“Exposing embarrassing details of my past, personal, life will not create one single job, will not pass one single budget,” he said.

Athens State business professor and economist Tom Pieplow said the governor has a point.

"The governor's right from the standpoint that any weakening of the governor's position is going to make it more difficult to find answers to some truly tough problems our legislature has to face,” said Pieplow.

Peiplow said if the turmoil continues at the state capitol, it could hurt Alabama's economy.

"Just that uncertainty, right now in the governor's house, would cause any business to maybe pause and hold before they make any kind of long-term decisions," he said.

His suggestion is for state lawmakers to find a quick resolution.

"The uncertainty it's creating is, and we only have to look over the last couple of months, it's not gotten better. It's gotten worse," he said.

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