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Alabama ranked 3rd worst state for millennials

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When it comes to millennials, the news about the road they face is often pretty bleak. 

Despite their growing influence on American culture and consumerism, the still up-and-coming generation is the first of the modern era to be worse off economically than their parents. 

For instance, a millennial today earns 20 percent less than a Baby Boomer did at the same age. 

That said, not all millennial struggles are created equal.

There are some places in U.S. where the younger generation is thriving. Places like North and South Dakota and the District of Columbia are among the Top 5 states for millennials. 

The Deep South is definitively the worst region in the country for young people, with South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi all finding themselves in the Bottom 10. 

Source: WalletHub

Per WalletHub's research, individually Alabama ranks (1=Best; 25=Average):

  • 36th – % of Millennials Living with Parents

  • 36th – % of Millennials

  • 30th – Average Monthly Earnings for Millennials

  • 38th – Millennial Unemployment Rate

  • 37th – % of Millennials with Health-Insurance Coverage

  • 23rd – % of Millennials with Depression

  • 47th – Share of Millennials with No Physical Activity in the Past Month

Although unemployment on a national level recently hit a 10-year low, millennials in Alabama aren't reaping any of those rewards. The state is in a five-way tie for the highest unemployment among millennials. 

For more information on 2017’s Best & Worst States for Millennials, click over to WalletHub.

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