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My Take - Trash

The other day I took advantage of the nice weather to take a drive. It was a beautiful country road with a stream along side it. As I approached a bridge I saw what looked like a trash dump. Clearly someone had dumped their garbage and old furniture along the stream.  What was really disturbing to me was everywhere I looked, there was no shortage of trash. Sofa's, fast food trash, plastic bottles, styrofoam cups and more are being thrown out of cars, blown out of pickup truck beds or just dumped along the side the road. That litter then gets carried away with rainwater into streams, rivers and lakes. I don't know to what extent elected officials are working to keep Alabama beautiful, but it would be nice to see some examples of enforcement.Alabama has so much natural beauty.  It's time to crack down on those who treat our roadside and wooded areas like their own personal dumpster. 

I'm Dave Thomason That's My Take what's yours?

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