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My Take - Storm Shelters

Once again we are in the midst of severe weather season.  Our hope is that this year will be mild and free of dangerous weather or worse yet tornadoes. Keeping our families and friends protected and safe are certainly at the top of our priority list.  But when a significant storm is headed your way you'll want to be sure you're properly prepared. Everyone needs to be asking now: "Where is the safest place available during severe weather".Several businesses in the Tennessee Valley provide residential shelters, community shelters and shelters for companies. Some of the shelters have AC vents, lights, benches, and even a bathroom.  Make sure you're aware of those resources that may be available to you.They can hold anywhere from a few people to over 300 people. There are several different styles and even bunker and panic rooms. All of them serving the simple purpose of saving lives.We hope that 2017 is a year where no news is good news when it comes to destructive weather.  But just in case you might want to take a look at a shelter or predetermine your safe place to keep you and others you love out of harm's way. 

I'm Dave Thomason, that my take, what's yours?

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