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Your Health: Mosquito control

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Many homeowners are trying to get ahead of disease-spreading mosquitoes by protecting their family.

"Well, the best thing to do if you go outside in the summertime is to wear a long-sleeved shirt if you can, long plants, and, of course, use any repellent, such as DEET. That's a good one," said Stephen Gates, vice president for technical services at Cook's Pest Control.

Gates said alleviating any standing water is critical.

"So if you have pots and plants holding water, make sure you don't have that. Make sure you turn those over. Make sure everything is as dry as possible," he said.

He said their program is based on science.

"The mosquitoes we deal with are container breeders, the Asian Tiger mosquitoes, so these things are perfect. A Coke can can also be a perfect example, just holding a little bit of water and the catch basin underneath a potted plant," he said.

He said they use a procedure done once a month to keep mosquitoes at bay.

"We treat that vegetation, which some of the other companies do the exact same thing, but we go through and we target where that mosquito is instead of just doing a broad spectrum-type fogging situation. We try to get where the mosquito is and kill them like that," he said.

Gates said mosquitoes have specific hiding places.

"Mosquitoes typically during the day will rest up underneath the leaves of bushes and plants. So what we try to do, that's where we try to target our applications, not so much on top of the bush but underneath side of it," he said.

Cook's also has a program where they do not spray when it comes to flowers that are blooming or when bees are foraging. It's all in an effort to protect the honey bee.

An effort that is environmentally friendly but still an attempt to help keep families safe.

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