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Redstone’s MWR programs having credit processing issues

(Source: Team Redstone Facebook page) (Source: Team Redstone Facebook page)
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Parts of Redstone are dealing with credit card system failure.

The U.S. Army's Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) department's credit card system is having sporadic outages. They include locations like the Java Café, Redstone Lanes, The Links at Redstone, the gym locations and other MWR facilities.

The MWR director on Redstone, Derrick Gould, says it's progressively becoming more of an issue.

"How often has this been going on?" asked Stephanie Mills, WAFF 48 News reporter.

"Periodically over the years, but it's just gotten worse as of late. We're not exactly sure why. We're doing everything we can locally to mitigate that but a lot of the problems are out of the local installation's hands," said Gould.

Gould says, this isn't just a problem on Redstone. All MWR facilities Army-wide are dealing with it.

Their credit card program is run through one location at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, then rerouted to Chase Bank.

"Unfortunately, there are times when that system goes down. Which puts the credit card program out Army-wide through MWR. So we have to put up the signs that says no credit cards today," explained Gould.

Gould says, the solution MWR has come up with is to get rid of the middle man in Texas, and route it directly to the bank.

"It is a struggle for our customers to be able to rely on our credit card systems but we are taking a proactive approach to upgrade our credit card systems to the latest chip enabled credit card devises," said Stone.

Francine Stone is the chief of information technology for Redstone MWR.

She explained, the latest system will help alleviate the issue, if not completely resolve it.

But, there's one hitch.

"Our headquarters is rolling out the phase 1 right now, Redstone is slated for phase 3. Each phase will probably last a couple of months," said Stone.

Redstone MWR is working to move the Arsenal up a phase, but for now Stone says to have a back-up plan, bring cash and please be patient with MWR.

There is also another way to pay for MWR programs and items.

People can use the “knuckle busters” option at some MWR locations, Gould explained. 

He believes Redstone will do everything they can to ensure the security of customer’s information through that option.

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