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Veterans Forum at Huntsville High School


Students at Huntsville High School are getting a rare opportunity to speak with veterans from the Madison County Military Heritage Commission about what it's like to serve their country during wartime. The panel consists of four men that all served during the Vietnam War and received awards for valor. 

Lt. Col. Richard Gray, U.S. Army (ret.) served at the beginning of the Vietnam War and had plenty of stories to share with the students about his time in combat. He was impressed by the questions the students asked and the pride they have in their country.

"A lot of them are no different than we were. I think they are dedicated and they will succeed. I think we have a good grew in the Huntsville High Schools," said Gray.

Griffin Pedigo, a senior at Huntsville High, just enlisted in the Army last week. His father served in the military in the 1980s and 1990s. Griffin always knew he would serve after high school, but he says there is a more personal reason he wants to serve his country. 

"The relationships built and the experiences made. I've never had a brother and they say it's the most rewarding thing to fight for the guy next to you. I've never had that. The closest thing I've ever had is football, but that doesn't come close. Sort of looking forward to the adventure of serving and actually getting a sense of the feeling of camaraderie with men."

Additional sessions will be held next Tuesday and Thursday. For more information on the Madison County Military Heritage Commission click here

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