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Army offers new recruitment incentive for high school juniors

(Source: U.S. Army) (Source: U.S. Army)
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The U.S. Army is facing an uphill battle, but the battle isn't on the war front. It's right here at home. The executive branch has ordered the military to ramp up recruiting efforts for the first time in four years.

The mission is not easy, but the latest round of recruitment incentives is making the process more appealing now than ever before.

"$500, you know, that is a lot every month," said 17-year-old Jacorey Jackson.

Jackson just signed up to fight for his country, and he's already relishing over the sign on bonus he'll get before he does his first pushup in boot camp.

"The seniorship bonus consist of $500 for every month they are in what we call a delayed entry program,” said Doell Salcedo,commander of the Huntsville Recruiting Co.

It's part of new recruitment initiative that starts Saturday. It allows high school juniors or rising seniors to enlist in the Army a year before they graduate.

"It doesn't matter what job they pick. It doesn't matter what they score on their entrance exam. They all qualify for this,” said Salcedo.

Capt. Doell Salcedo tells WAFF 48 News these bonuses apply to soon-to-be grads who are interested in being active duty or in the Army Reserve. And for a Bob Jones High School junior like Jackson, the timing, the bonus and the options couldn't be better.

"I'm feeling pretty good about it. I think it's one of my best decisions I'm going to make in the future,” said Jackson.

The Army is expected to spend $300 million on bonuses and ads to get 6,000 more recruits in accordance with President Donald Trump's request to increase the nation's military force.

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