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Huntsville gaming startup gets $1M investment

Chrono CEO Justin Sacks (Source: WAFF) Chrono CEO Justin Sacks (Source: WAFF)

A Huntsville startup specializing in gaming hit the jackpot this week. Chrono has defied the odds and is getting a $1 million investment.

CEO Justin Sacks came to Huntsville several years ago to work with another gaming company. Last March, he decided to do his own thing and launched Chrono.

The digital distribution platform connects gamers with independent games. One game is released each day at discounted rate.

In one year, the business has taken off, and this month it led to a $1 million investment.

"This funding kind of allows us to step up to the next tier of game publishers, get to the AA publishers and eventually to the AAA. And it eventually allows us to develop our team,” said Sacks.

His team only has four people at the moment. Sacks sees the growth coming but he says the company has no plans to leave Huntsville.

"I think it is less understood just how evolved the ecosystem is for startups. If you're doing something special and providing value in your industry, then there are possibilities to raise funding and create some awesome partnerships here,” he said.

Sacks said he's focused on getting his name out there in the market and seeing where this $1 million takes them.

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