Four steps to jump-start your exercise plan

Four steps to jump-start your exercise plan

(WAFF) - Spring is here! Now is the perfect time to get a jump-start on a great exercise plan and routine that you can stick with throughout the year.

Local personal trainer Dawn Hendrix explains four steps that'll help you maintain consistent workouts.

Figure out what days work best for you.

Set a day and a time for your workouts that fit your schedule. This will help you get used to getting into a routine.

Motivation is easy to obtain and easy to lose. One of the key things to do is to develop healthy patterns.

Start out slow.

Don't overload your body by trying to workout every day. Start with cardio and work your way up then combine with moderate exercise.

Working out with weights is a great way to stimulate muscle growth and hopefully get you on the right path and help you burn body fat.

Sometimes starting out with just two days a week can lead to bigger weekly commitments down the road.

Everybody is different and every body is different.

If you know you have an issue creating patterns, it may take you a little longer – and that's okay!

You've got to remember that everyone has a different path.

Don't be afraid to fail.

Restart, but don't quit. Consistency should always be the key for your workout's success.

Learn your body's pattern and never burn yourself out over workouts.

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