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Franklin County school bus driver suspended after high-speed video becomes public

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Update: 3-25-2017

The bus driver has been suspended by the district pending the outcome of the investigation. 

School officials expect the investigation to be wrapped up by the end of next week. 


Parents are outraged over video shared of what appears to be a Franklin County School bus speeding with children on board. The person behind the camera admits he was speeding, but thought it was important to get the recording so something could be done.

District officials said they're not taking the accusation lightly.

"I don't know how folks feel about their Franklin County School buses doing 70 miles an hour on this 45 mile an hour road with a busload of kids," said Kelly Bragwell in the posted video.

The 10-second video spread fast on Facebook after Bragwell posted it.

"Just for the safety of the kids, I know if my kids were on there, I'd be very upset," Bragwell said.

He said the recording is from Highway 41 area near Belgreen High School.

"We had come through some curves, and we were at a straight away at the time, and we were fixing to go around the curve and off a big hill, and that’s when they continued to gain speed," Bragwell said.

Now folks want to know how and why this bus driver could reach such speeds while some are upset with the person who shared it.

"My thought was that this was the only way I could get it out, maybe all of the parents of the kids that were on there because I'm friends with a lot of them on the bus, and it could be seen by a lot of people, even the superintendent and board members," Bragwell said.

"We are aware of the video and are investigating it at this time," said Superintendent Greg Hamilton. “We will be checking the bus and we'll ride the route and there is a way to check the speed of the buses and different things like that."

Hamilton couldn't speak about the bus driver but said the district takes children's safety very seriously.

“Safety is a top priority for the children of this county, and we will do everything we can to make sure they are safe," Hamilton said.

Once the investigation is complete, the superintendent said he'll notify us on any actions taken or if any at all.

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