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Your Health: Female rejuvenation


Some health concerns for aging women include dryness to bladder leakage, hormones, or surgery used to be the only options. In today's Your Health, WAFF 48 looks a newer option called "female rejuvenation."

Rebecca Priddy has a busy life traveling for work. She also runs for exercise. She says as a runner, her body started drooping in several areas.

“I did experience some of the leakage and that sort of thing," Priddy said.  

And she says she was trying to get ahead of many of the symptoms of menopause with female rejuvenation.

Dr. Marlin Gill says he sees the problems every day.

"There's a whole variety of problems that include vaginal dryness, looseness, pain with intercourse," Gill said.

Priddy says the procedure had less pressure than a pap smear.

"So the core intima is the latest co2 laser that lets us treat these problems in a way that's never been possible before.  In the past the options were basically medications, which mean hormones and surgery," Gill said.

So how does it work?

"The way the intima works is by delivering laser energy to the vaginal lining with a comfortable probe. So we usually recommend about 3 treatments. They only take about 15 minutes. And they are spaced about a month apart."

The results mean not shrinkage, but tightening.

"So we get tightening because we get firmer, healthy tissue. We also get less dryness, less pain with intercourse and better bladder control."

And women we've talked to say they absolutely love the result.

"But I noticed even after that night that I wasn't getting up and urinating as much throughout the night," Priddy said of the treatment.

So far she's had two treatments.

"My second treatment was a whole lot more comfortable than the first one and I suspect I won't feel a thing, the next go ‘round."

Gill says of the benfits, "I guess the best news about it is no medicine, no surgery, no pain and no down time."

Another option for women experiencing life's changes.

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