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Bobby's Bama

Bobby's Bama: Local muralist Jennifer Owens

Jennifer Owens (Source: WAFF) Jennifer Owens (Source: WAFF)

Jennifer Owens is a name quickly spreading through the local art community. Ironically, she says she never had a lesson.

"It's a God-given ability that I was blessed with. I can look at something and transfer it to canvas or to a wall,” she said.
She said she has established some favorite targets she likes to capture on a wall or on canvas.

"My favorite is definitely musical instruments. I love to paint landscapes, the ocean, old historical buildings, anything that has culture to it,” she said.

While she enjoys the canvases, she really enjoys the murals.

"My very first mural job in Huntsville was Copeland's, which is closed. But I would paint, and all of the people would come in for lunch and watch me paint during the day,” she said.

She said that got her name out.

"I've painted Ruggby's Bar and Grill. I remodeled that place from the bottom up, ceiling included.  The customers actually paid to get their favorite sports teams logos painted on either a ceiling tile or a space on the wall,” she said.

And the list keeps growing.

"And I was approached by Hampton Cove Animal Hospital to paint a series of murals,” Owens said.

Owens says while she can be inspired by just about anything and anyone, her big inspiration comes from mother nature.

“Sometimes I lack creativity and I miss it, and to be outside and around all my plants and just nature in general, listening to the birds, glass of wine, I can definitely get creative,” Owens said. “Put some music on and all the stress from the day comes out through my paintbrush on canvas, and that's definitely how I relieve stress being a single mom all my life.”

Owens said she wants to move to the coast and immerse herself in the culture there and continue making murals for businesses and private homes.

Learn more about Owens at her Facebook page.

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