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Bobby's Bama

Bobby's Bama: 'Clothe Our Kids'

"Clothe Our Kids" provides clothing to school children in Morgan County. (Source: WAFF) "Clothe Our Kids" provides clothing to school children in Morgan County. (Source: WAFF)

All the bins inside a temporary trailer represent a dream come true for Brandi Breeden. "Clothe Our Kids" kicked off in August, and they hit the ground running.

"And I felt like Morgan County had a gap where we had lots of clothing closets and such, but nothing that was so focused on bringing the kids in the school systems the clothing that they need," said Breeden.

She says she got the idea from a similar operation in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

"We are closed to the public but we are open to all the schools in Morgan County, Decatur city and Hartselle. So any teacher, administrator and counselor, if they see a child in need or they have a parent who comes to them and says my child needs clothes, all they have to do is call us and they can receive the clothing. We do not ask any questions," she said. "We trust the teachers and we trust the counselors, and they see these kids every day who need the clothes, and so we trust them to tell us who has the need."

They have clothing for just about every size and shape imaginable, and even if you can't seem to find exactly what you're looking for, you can still put in an order with your teacher or principal.

"We want to make sure that we have what we need to provide for the kids in the school system," said Breeden.

She says Parents And Children Together also has a large role in their process.

"The majority of our request come from them because they have their coordinators in the school systems and so they meet with the kids and figure out the needs," she said.

There are some county schools that do not have PACT, but Breeden says they still work with those schools.

The donations come from several different sources. If you have something to donate, call your local school or click the Facebook page.

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