Local songwriter continues his musical journey

Local songwriter continues his musical journey

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - His face and voice are familiar to Huntsville, but local songwriter Jim Parker started his journey on the West Coast.

His musical roots began back when he was in high school, working on cars.

But Parker says working on cars didn't get the girls, and being less greasy work, he picked up a guitar and ran with music.

Jimmy Gilmer of The Fireballs, boyfriend of Parker's sister at the time, gave him his first guitar.

He joined a garage band and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. From there, Parker and five others formed the group The Illusionists, going on to produce their own record.

After a couple of location changes and a new name, the group would now be called The Kitchen Cinq, that would collect a few more record deals.

Parker began writing songs through poetry, got a guitar, and put two and two together. And the rest is history.

Parker continues his love of writing lyrics today through his Songwriter's Series in Huntsville at the Von Braun Civic Center.

As far as his message to others about his workshops, Parker says it's simple:

"I want them to come with an open mind. Every songwriter that sits on [our] stage is just like they are, but able to express what they're thinking in music and lyric. It touches a lot of people."

When asked about his next steps, Parker says he'll keep moving forward.

He says he knows exactly what he's supposed to be doing and he's even more excited about his career now than he was in the beginning.

Parker says, "Every day is another opportunity to do something good."

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