Former AL legislature's kids talk parents' courtship

Former AL legislature's kids talk parents' courtship

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Former Alabama state Rep. T. Euclid Rains became blind at the age of 7, but that didn't prevent him from living a fulfilled life.

He was a loving father and devoted husband to his wife, Nell. The two originally met a Snead College while washing dishes in McCleskey Hall. They were good friends at the time, but lost touch after college. Several years later, Nell married and had her first child Linda.

After her first marriage ended, Nell taught school at Geraldine while taking care of young Linda. T. Euclid moved back to the area and was looking for people he knew. He happened to reach the home of Nell's father through a party line and Linda happen to pick up. The two talked on the party line for nearly a year before he invited her and her mother over for Christmas.

That was the day the courtship between T. Euclid and Nell began. The two eventually married, but not before T. Euclid built their family home in Albertville.

He learned that McClesky Hall, where the two had met many years before, was going to be demolished. T. Euclid collected all the bricks from McClesky's demolition to build the home.

The couple had three children together, Tommy, Billy, and Mary.

The couple died in an automobile accident in the community of Asbury in 2000, just one year after their 40th wedding anniversary.

Their love story is inspiring, beautiful, but most of all eternal.

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