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Your Health: Decatur City Schools guard against germs

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Decatur City Schools are taking extra precautions to lessen the chance of children passing germs to each other.

"The main thing we do when we see the increase in sickness is, the custodians and the principals and the nurses, we all kind of work together and we make sure that and the nurses make sure that we tell the principals, ‘Hey, I've seen a lot of this going around,’ and the custodians get on board and they make sure the desks are wiped down every day and that they're using the appropriate cleaner,” said Decatur City Schools lead nurse Sarah Payne.

She said that disinfectant should not only kill bacteria but viruses like the flu.

"We also encourage our teachers to have the students wash their hands. Hand sanitizer is great, but when you really start to see some of those illnesses come around, the hand sanitizer is good, but it's not always the best, so we encourage the regular hand washing,” she said.

Payne said they are always watching these students to make sure they are healthy enough to be in class.

"We try to screen kids on different symptoms and how often they've been in the health room and we follow our policies, our sickness policies,” she said.

Their primary policy deals with fever, which is sure sign someone is ill.

"For Decatur City Schools we say 100 degrees or greater is a temp. And they cannot return to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours,” she said.

Payne said there are other policies concerning diarrhea, vomiting and more. She said they also use their nursing judgment.

"We try to communicate with the parent and say, ‘Hey, your son is up here or daughter,’” she said.

She said there are behaviors teachers look for in a sick child.

"We look for things like their skin color, their eyes, how do their eyes look. How are they acting. If they're normally a happy child, but they are really, they're getting aggravated very easily, or they are sleeping in class, are tearful and they are not normally that way.” She said.

By taking extra precautions, they hope to keep their classrooms as germ free as possible.

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