A washing machine for Valentine's Day? Twitter tries to help Sen. Holtzclaw

A washing machine for Valentine's Day? Twitter tries to help Sen. Holtzclaw

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Alabama Sen. Bill Holtzclaw of Madison could possibly be spending his Valentine's Day in the doghouse or the laundry room.

The Holtzclaw family washing machine went on the fritz over the weekend. Holtzclaw took to social media Monday morning and jokingly asked friends whether the gift of agitation - pun intended - is an appropriate one for Valentine's Day.

Holtzclaw and his wife Pam are high school sweethearts and have been married for nearly 32 years. Pam was on board with the fact they needed a new washing machine as they looked through the upcoming President's Day sales and understanding about the unexpected bust to Bill's Valentine's plans.

However, Holtzclaw still plans on having a separate Valentine's surprise for his wife.

WAFF 48 asked him, what their most memorable Valentine's Day was.

"We were stationed in Japan, when I was in the Marine Corps and she was over there with me. I had quite honestly forgotten Valentine's Day and in a rush went down to the local PX, a very small base, to try and find something. And the only cards that were left were either non-English cards or one that just said, 'You're special!' And rather than getting her one that was not in English, that I didn't know what it was going to say. I opted for the 'You're special!' And so that is kind of our annual Valentine's Day memory to each other, is that she is special to me. And after 31+ years she of course is still special and the highlight of my life."

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