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Your Health: Renovations at Decatur Morgan Hospital

Decatur Morgan Hospital gets upgrades. (Source: WAFF) Decatur Morgan Hospital gets upgrades. (Source: WAFF)

The scaffolding, the man hours, the work, all being done at the Decatur campus of Decatur Morgan Hospital. The primary reason for all the building is to update the hospital with a special focus on the emergency room.

The parking area is familiar to most people because this is the old emergency room and this is the way people used to come in and drop off a patient. But that's changed now. What's changed is the new entrance, and it's actually very close to the old emergency room entrance. But you have to be looking for it as you make that turn off of 6th Avenue.

Dr. Tom-Meka Archinard is the emergency department medical director at the Decatur campus of Decatur Morgan Hospital. She said the temporary move is for the safety of patients and hospital staff.

"We kept our entry location for people who are driving in on 8th Street. That has not changed," she said.

This means parking closer to Somerville Road and it's almost immediate after turning off 8th Street. There are plenty of signs to keep you on the right path. 

"You know there is a saying, I love improvement. It's the change I can't stand. With great improvement, we have to go through certain changes. And our goal is to provide an up to date hospital," Archinard said.

She said the idea is not just to expand the hospital, but provide newer diagnostics and treatment.

"We're making changes to the in-patient beds. Those in-patient beds were located above the emergency department. So we have had to move the in-patient beds, temporarily, to a new space with new rooms that are private," she said.

She said it means updates for patient care and equipment.

"And then the other nice thing is the benefit, just to stay on the emergency department, is once everything is all done, we'll be moving back to our previous location, but with an updated look," she said.

New rooms with more space and a better, smoother function.

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