Foot Care Plus Orthotics

Benefits of Foot Care Plus Orthotics

Footmaxx computerized analysis and patient assessment.
This state-of-the-art system electronically scans the foot in motion with 960 electronic points, 30 times per second. Exact patterns of weight distribution throughout the stride are captured allowing the design of functional or accommodative orthotics in the quickest cleanest manner possible.


Extremely thin and comfortable orthotics fit into existing shoe wardrobes... even ladies pumps!

Professional athletes wear Footmaxx orthotics more than any other brand. But, you don't have to be a Pro to enjoy the same performance benefits of an improved gait, balance and foot protection.


Foot Orthotics are for:

 - Plantar Fasciitis
 - Heel Pain
 - Fallen Arches
 - Diabetes
 - Arthritis
 - Defects
 - Injuries
 - Protection
 - Athletes


Foot Care Plus provides foot orthotics, inserts, pads, shoe buildups, SAS & Propet brands. Diabetic and orthopedic shoe prescriptions are filled.


With the proper orthotics, most problems with the feet -- and in many cases the knees, hips and lower back -- can be remedied.


Foot Care Plus

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