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Healthy Heart Month: Tips from the Today Show

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February is Healthy Heart Month, and this week, WAFF 48’s Margo Gray spoke with Joy Bauer about some ways to get your ticker tuned up. Joy is a Today show contributor who did a 3-day special series outlining steps you can take to be more heart healthy

Joy says before you go changing your diet habits, get a checkup from a doctor to make sure it’s the right thing to do. If your doctor confirms you’ve got high blood pressure or cholesterol, there are things you can start doing right away.

“Everybody hears about what we can’t eat, but really, there are so many delicious foods that we can eat that have potent medicinal effects that can actually improve your heart health,” Bauer told WAFF.  

“The first thing is apples. They’re loaded with a carbohydrate called ‘pectin’ in the skin. It helps to bind bad cholesterol and basically push it out of your body.”

Bauer adds chia seeds and oats to the list of heart-healthy foods. She adds that artichokes, Greek yogurt and salmon are excellent fat fighters.

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