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Bobby's Bama

Bobby's Bama: Pest control

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Chris Keenum is a man on a mission. Today he is trying to rid a homeowner's yard from moles.

But that's only part of what he does.

"We do everything from moles for little ol' ladies to Huntsville international," he said.

He works for Keenum's Problem Wildlife Control and has been at this for quite some time.

His pest control business is moving away from residential calls to businesses.

"Pigeons especially. You know, you've got the safety and health issues in the plants," he said.

He's even licensed to catch alligators.

"A lot of things are seasonal right now. Skunks. It's breeding season, so skunks are, you know, multiple skunks getting under houses. I used to do squirrels in attics, that kind of thing," said Keenum.

But today, he's tracking and trapping moles and gives us a lesson into how they think.

"What a mole does, he follows his food source," he aid. "And when people start seeing the ridges through the yard, that means the food is near the surface."

He said that's common after a rain when worms and bugs rise near the top. Keenum said moles are more of a nuisance for homeowners.

We asked him if there are animals that caused him to be afraid over the years.

"My biggest fears over the years was some of the roofs and the heights like we're on ladders, but the animals never bothered me," he said.

Keenum  said he's hunted rattlesnakes to garden snakes.

"I did my first and last ostrich on the same day," he said.

"The trap is set and then the mole comes through the tunnel and when he gets to the trigger, he's already committed. You can see under the spikes. So what he does is he loosens the dirt, pushes up with the other foot and when he pushes up on the trigger...boom," he said.

While this method has a bad outcome for the mole, there are other ways to catch these little critters. Keenum said he can give clients an alternative for people that don't want lethal means.

In the meantime, he will keep hunting and catching unwanted critters in Bobby's Bama.

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