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Your Health: Bad skin prevention

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Your skin can become dry, itchy and even wrinkled during the winter.

Licensed aesthetician Shawna Oliver with Light Facial Plastic Surgery said the key to good skin is prevention. Number one is sunscreen, even in the winter. She said little things like riding in a car or walking to the mailbox mean you have sun exposure.

If you are starting to see some changes you don't like, there are alternatives to surgery, like Botox. But be careful.

"You get that scarred, overdone look in a lot of people, and sometimes we can tweak that and fix it. So it's important to select the correct provider," Oliver said.

She said there are several, noninvasive alternatives, like ultherapy, which is an ultrasound that tightens and tones the tissue under the surface of the skin.

"This time of year, winter, is perfect to treat with lasers,” Oliver said. "So when you’re talking laser, you’re talking surface of the skin. Four things a laser is going to do. It will help with pore size, pigment, fine lines and texture."

It's hard to believe that Judy Seymour is 70. She's very active, and her skin is soft and supple. She said she has a Sculptra injection when her face became hollow. She said this activates the collagen in your skin over time.

"It's not instant gratification." Seymour said.

Seymour said she damaged her skin, like so many other people over time.

"We've abused our skin. Thirty-eight years of smoking, 25 of sun beds, sun tanning beds,” she said.

She continues with other treatments here.

"So, one thing we're doing with Judy is, it's actually a new treatment we have at the office, is called Oxygeneo. It is an oxygen facial,” said Oliver.

"I'm happy with my monthly facials. I will continue that until I am bedridden and Shawna will come do that when I'm 90,” Seymour said.

And she will continue good skin treatment at home as well.

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