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Bone marrow key to new knee surgery

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Many baby boomers are dealing with the reality of arthritis, joint problems and knee replacement surgery.

There's a new high-tech option for knee replacement surgery.

Steve Alred is the man behind City Cafe' in Decatur.  He is always busy, running from the kitchen to the tables.

When he started having knee problems, he knew it would affect his work.
"I was here at the restaurant and made a turn to shut a door and I felt a pop,” said Alred.

Doctors told Alred he would need both knees replaced.

"If I did that I wanted to have them both done at the same time. Because I wasn't going to go through the recovery stage and everything times two."

Alred decided on another, newer option, where doctors took out some of his bone marrow.

"Then they have some kind of system where they extract the stem cells out and inject it in the knee."

This procedure is still fairly new and it's a little expensive. Alred said he paid around $7,000.

"After about 3 weeks I could really tell a difference. I mean I could go up and down stairs. No pain.”

While there was a small setback, he says he is back in physical therapy and doing well.

"For me, I would do it again tomorrow."

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