Gus Malzahn: Auburn must make Oklahoma one-dimensional

Gus Malzahn: Auburn must make Oklahoma one-dimensional

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WAFF) - The final press conference for the Sugar Bowl was held Sunday morning. Kickoff set for Monday night. Both Head Coaches Gus Malzahn and Bob Stoops very complimentary of each other's programs.

"Just very creative with all of the various formations, personnel groupings," Bob Stoops said Sunday morning. "They give you a lot to figure out as they try and create seams and gaps to run the football. You just have to be very discipline to handle it all."

"They're very good at running the football, they're very good at throwing the football," Gus Malzahn said. "The challenge is trying to make them one-dimensional. Our defense has played well all year. Their quarterback, I've been real impressed with him. Obviously, he's an outstanding playmaker."

Malzahn also discussed the importance of this game for his program moving forward in 2017.

"We're playing in the Sugar Bowl. And in my opinion, the Sugar Bowl is the best bowl in all of college football," said Malzahn.

"It means a lot to the SEC and playing against one of the best teams in Oklahoma that presents so many challenges. To get a victory in this game would be huge. The future's very bright, and obviously anytime you win a bowl game you get great momentum so it would be big."

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