Mall demolition starts next month, project speeding up

Mall demolition starts next month, project speeding up

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Huntsville City Council is stepping on the gas in order to get a new project at the Madison Square Mall moving faster. The council approved a plan to accelerate the three phases of demolishing the old mall, building roads around and through it, and moving in new businesses.

One of the concerns a lot of you on social media have is once this new project opens, it'll just lead to existing businesses closing current locations and moving to the new mall.

Several stores did exactly that when Bridge Street opened. City councilman Will Culver says there's a clause in the agreement to prevent that from happening again.

"Since this is a new project, only 30% of an existing business can move into mid-city. So we couldn't have all of Bridge Street packed up and say we're moving to mid-city or providence or areas like that," said Will Culver, Huntsville City Councilman.

Culver says he's already been involved in talks with companies who are interested in moving to mid-city who don't' already have an existing presence in town.

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