Huntsville woman closer to finding culprit behind online attack

Huntsville woman closer to finding culprit behind online attack

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Huntsville woman is one step closer to finding the person who she says damaged her business and ruined her reputation.

Back in June, WAFF 48 told you about Monika Glennon's fight in federal court to find the anonymous culprit who posted her name and picture on the website

Before this all started, Glennon was a very successful realtor in Huntsville. However, that anonymous post caused her to lose business, income and more, according to Glennon.

Now she's very close to finding the person behind it.

Glennon is suing the unknown poster for copyright infringement for using her professional photo in a story of infidelity. Through subpoenas to, Glennon's attorneys have been able to track down the IP address to the anonymous poster. They're now waiting for their Internet service provider to hand over the identity.

They've also subpoenaed Facebook because it also hit that site. They've tracked it to a person called "Ryan Baxter," who they believe is an alias for the real person.

This whole process has been costly for Glennon and her family. But she said she has a point to prove, and someone lying about her is enough to keep going.

We will continue to track this case as it works through federal court and will update you as new information comes in.

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