Madison County families left carless after Mapco fuel mix-up

Madison County families left carless after Mapco fuel mix-up

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - People affected by the Mapco fuel mix-up said the consequences of accidentally filling up with diesel were immediate.

One working mother is currently carless thanks to that costly mistake by a gas distributor and had to hitch a ride to work Tuesday morning.

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Brittney Curry commutes to Fayetteville, Tennessee every day for work.

This incident makes her day to day a lot more complicated, she said. 

Monday night, Curry filled her tank up at the Map Co on Memorial Parkway and University Drive.

"I barely made it to my driveway...I didn't make it up the driveway," she said.

She said she knew something was wrong right away.

"Yes immediately. After I pumped that gas, I said, 'something was not right.'"

So today, and for the foreseeable future, her nearly-30 mile work commute that takes her across state lines just got a little tougher.

"It's hard to find a way to Tennessee when you're working, and get all the way back to Huntsville...I also have two small children so I have to get them back and forth to where they need to go while I'm at work, and try to pick them up when I get off, so it does affect me greatly," Curry said.

Larry Paradis, owner of Larry's Automotive, said the wrong fuel creates problems with the fuel system in the car, causing very noticeable driving issues. He suggests not driving the vehicle, and instead, getting it towed to a mechanic.

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