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End Of No Shave November - Stopping Skin Cancer!

(Source: WAFF Staff) (Source: WAFF Staff)

The shaving cream and razors are getting a workout once again since No Shave November is history. Many people at WAFF 48 took on a new, grizzly look during the past month.

The growing and graying beards are supposed to be a conversation starter to get men to focus on their health. One of the goals of this nationwide effort is to motivate the guys to visit the doctor for life-saving screenings.   

On Thursday morning on WAFF 48 News Today, we focused on the most common cancer of all. 5.4 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year.
The most common skin cancer, Basal Cell, tends to grow slowly and rarely spreads to other parts of the body.

Dr. Hayley Degraaff, with Advanced Life Clins, says, doctors can find and remove these cancers easily if men get a full body check at least once each year.

Yet, if left untreated, Dr. Degraaff says Basal and Squamous Cell Cancers can grow into a serious problem.

“Typically, male Melanomas, which is the most deadly form of skin cancer, are found at a later stage. Men neglect to have those screenings, and so, when their cancers are found they are at an advanced stage which directly lowers your survival chances.”

With that in mind, what are some of the warning signs or symptoms of skin cancer? Dr. Degraaff says, watch out for a mole that changes in color or size, a spot on your face that's constantly peeling, roughness, oozing or bleeding on the skin.

She adds, you also need to get checked by a doctor if you have a sore that isn't healing, or itchiness, tenderness or pain in an area.

Dr. Degraaff says, you can avoid many of these problems by covering up your skin and taking out time each day to put on sunblock. She says the sunblock needs to feature an SPF of at least 30, but hopefully, higher.

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