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Town of Falkville rich in history, landmarks and family

Falkville Water Tower (Source: WAFF) Falkville Water Tower (Source: WAFF)

The town of Falkville is rich in history and historical landmarks.

Retired teacher and history lover, Rhona Summerford has lived in Falkville since 1958. A few years ago, she and a friend, co-authored a book, which was a study on the town over the years as a celebration of its bicentennial celebration.

"We did that and it kinda grew from there," Summerford said. She and added that around each corner, they both found something they didn't know.  

"The town goes back much further than the incorporation. It was not incorporated until 1886," she said. "We found out the first two families who were here in Falkville, who were the Dinsmores and the Pattersons; we found one of the original town markers," she said.

Summerford also said Falkville was a thriving lumber town for a lot of years. Falkville's rich history also includes several buildings and markers throughout the town.

One local landmark is the original Falkville Town Hall building, which housed the mayor's office, fire department and police department. Currently, it houses the public library.

"The biggest landmark in town is our water tower. You can see it when you come off Lacon Mountain. You can see it when you are coming in from Hartselle. So the water tower is the big landmark for Falkville," said Current Councilman Ken Winkles, who will take the office of mayor in November. 

The status of the tower changed in 2004 since it hasn't been in use since then.

"It was discussed, about eight years ago, about tearing it down, because of the cost," said Winkles.  "The tower has stood this long. And the tower and Falkville (are) financially in better shape than it's been in a long time."

But Winkles says there are some reasons people like to settle in Falkville and raise their children. 

"Falkville is like a big family. Everybody in town knows everybody. And it's just a big family," he said.

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