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Madison County Republicans, Democrats to monitor voting locations

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Republican and Democratic parties in Madison County have said they trust the local election process but plan to keep a close watch at the polls in November.

Madison County democrats are gearing up for the Nov. 8 elections.They're hosting training for volunteers to be the extra eyes and ears at voting precincts on election day.

"We're kind of watching this to make sure everything is going smoothly,” said Roger Ellis, executive committee chairman of the Madison County Democrats.

Ellis said they will keep an eye on the inspectors and workers to "make sure the process is going correctly."

Local republicans are doing the same.

"We've been doing poll watcher training for probably the last six weeks,” said Sam Givhan, executive committee chairman of the Madison County Republicans.

Givhan said they don't anticipate any problems at the polls and doesn't believe the election process is Madison county is tainted in any way.

But he said they want their volunteers at as many voting precincts as possible.

"Poll workers can't see everything that's going on at the same time. They're busy doing their job inside. They can't be looking outside to see if a campaign violation is going on," he said.

It's the number one reason Madison County Republicans and Democrats are recruiting volunteers now to keep the election fair and balanced.

"Right now, we got 60 (volunteers),” said Ellis. “If we want to have one person working 12 hour days, we probably need at least another 30 more."

"There's a lot of polling places in Madison County. We don't, at this point, anticipate trying to cover all of those, but we do want to cover as many as we can,” said Givhan.

To volunteer as a poll watcher, contact the Madison County Republicans or Madison County Democrats.

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