Saban won't hinder Hurts' running ability

Saban won't hinder Hurts' running ability

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WAFF) - Jalen Hurts makes his second ever true SEC road game start Saturday when top ranked Alabama travels to 16th ranked Arkansas.

Through five games, Hurts has thrown for 989 yards, seven touchdowns, and just one interception. While efficient, Hurts has been able to use his legs within the Crimson Tide offense. The true freshman has rushed for 276 yards and three touchdowns this season.

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban wants Hurts to be able to use his entire skill set moving forward.

"You know, think one of Jalen's greatest assets as a player is that he can make plays with his feet, and I don't think that we can sort of inhibit him from doing that," Saban said during Wednesday press conference. "I guess if he gets injured doing that it will be my fault. If he gets injured sitting in the pocket throwing a pass, then it's OK. It's football, I don't worry about guys getting hurt. We try to do the best to make us successful and try to do what's good for him to be successful."

Alabama kicks off with Arkansas Saturday at 6PM CT.

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