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Sheffield police investigating officer's response to screwdriver attack

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A man attacked by a another man with a screwdriver in Sheffield says a police officer saw the whole thing and didn't make an arrest. He says the whole thing is on video. Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray admits no arrest was made and there is an internal investigation going on to make sure proper policies were followed.

Ray didn't identify the officer but said he is not on leave.

A Facebook Live video shows the fight. Now some questions are being asked if the police officer followed the right procedures.

"He seen this man physically attack me with the screwdriver, you know, and he didn't do nothing," said Jermaine Abernathy.

"We're not saying it was done right. We're not saying it was done wrong. It’s still under investigation," Ray said.

Abernathy lost a tooth and had to get some stitches. He wants to know why more wasn't being done at the time of the attack. He said the officer should have called for backup if he felt he couldn't diffuse the situation himself.

"There's no rule or law that says he has to, but good common practice would be to do that sure," Ray said about calling backup. He said the officer was in the neighborhood for another call but did intervene.

"The video don't lie, the video don't lie. You know the video don't lie," Abernathy said.

"I want to emphasis that the officer was there on other business at the time this broke out so he had to handle two things at one time," Ray said.

No one has been charged for the attack on Abernathy.  For now, he is thankful his injuries were not worse.

"I could have gotten killed right there. Just being real," Abernathy said.

Ray said both men involved in the fight are no strangers to his department and that the victim has filed charges in court.

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