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North AL lawmaker reacts to governor's gaming advisory committee


A north Alabama lawmaker says he's going to keep an open mind resolving gaming issues, even though he's never supported it or a state lottery before.

State Rep. Mike Ball of Huntsville is optimistic that we’ll come to some sort of resolution, but he says this is all going to come down to who Gov. Robert Bentley puts on this gaming advisory committee.

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According to Ball, this is really the first time the state has ever tried to figure out the gambling and gaming issue by using an advisory committee. And he likes the line of thinking.

Madison County's Mac McCutcheon is the current speaker of the house and will appoint one Republican and one Democrat to this board.

WAFF 48 News asked Ball about that and if he thinks its makeup will have a large north Alabama presence on it. He said it really doesn't matter where any of the committee members are from so long as they're not already dug-in on the issue.

"He needs people that are creative thinkers, people that will take an objective look at, and people that will recommend a reasonable way to address this issue. It doesn't need to go on forever,” said Ball.

One name on the committee we do know is connected to north Alabama is Alabama state finance director and Huntsville-native Clinton Carter.

Bentley hopes to have the committee's recommendations back to him by the first of the year.

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