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No-gun sign improperly placed at Huntsville building

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Signs prohibiting guns are coming off buildings all across the state, including a Huntsville building where kids play. That sign is located on the Optimist Recreation Center in Madison County.

Now, anyone in possession of guns or weapons has free reign to enter the building.

"Anything can happen," said Raymond Taylor, a father of two.

"Being in a public place, you're going to have all types of people come," he said.

This comes after a complaint led to an investigation by the attorney general's office revealing these signs were improperly put up by the city of Huntsville.

Taylor said taking this sign down may lead to trouble.

"Someone can be walking right next to my kid with a gun," he said.

According to Alabama law, guns are allowed in public places like parks and restaurants. The law also states you can’t have a gun in places like police or sheriff's offices, courthouses, district attorneys' offices or schools.

Gun owners say they're happy to see the signs come off.

"It's a free country and it's a public place so we have second amendment rights,” said Peter Miller. "When good people have guns and bad people do as well, they've got a chance."

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