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SpaceX outlines plans to get humans to Mars

(Source: SpaceX) (Source: SpaceX)
Elon Musk (Source: SpaceX) Elon Musk (Source: SpaceX)
(Source: SpaceX) (Source: SpaceX)
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Many of us have dreamed of going into space and living on other planets. SpaceX is one of a few organizations working to help make that dream come true.

On Tuesday, the company announced plans on how they plan to get humans to Mars and colonize.

SpaceX addressed fuel costs, cost per person and how it would make living on Mars sustainable.

Right now, the cost for one person to go to Mars is around $10 million, but SpacX plans to lower this price significantly.

“We aim to improve the cost per ton to Mars by 5 million percent," Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, said during a keynote speech Tuesday.

The ideal ship would initially hold 100 passengers.

For this project reusability is key.

SpaceX proposed building a propellant farm on Mars to send ships back and forth. The plan also includes a refueling tank in Earth’s Orbit.

The company also revealed a simulation of the process of getting a ship to and from Mars.

Development is already underway for the Mars ship and testing for the Raptor Interplanetary Transport Engine has also begun.

SpaceX plans to start sending a cadence of Dragons to Mars in two years and it would be like "a train leaving the station."

Mars would also act as a start off point for planet hopping. This would allow for human exploration of the rest of the solar system. 

This mission would be departing from the historic Pad 39A and the Kennedy Space Center. A fitting start for a historic moment in space, flight exploration.

To learn more about SpaceX you can visit their website here

We maybe a long way off from getting hyperdrives or warp drives installed in our ships, but this is just another step towards exploring deep space.

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