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Redstone AMC commander retiring from Army

Gen.Dennis Via (Source: WAFF) Gen.Dennis Via (Source: WAFF)

After 36 years in the U.S. Army and four years as the commander of Army Materiel Command at Redstone Arsenal, Gen.Dennis Via is saying goodbye.

"I won't call it retirement because I don't think it is retirement. It's just transitioning to the next chapter," Via said.

Via said it's a bittersweet moment as he relinquishes command this week. He's been leading AMC, which equips, sustains and enables the warfighter on many different levels.

He spent a total of fiver and a half years in the Tennessee Valley. Four of those years were at AMC.

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Via described the process of stepping out of the Army as a "fast moving train."

“I’ve traveled probably very close to, in the time here, over 500,000 miles, visiting every organization and subelement within the Army Materiel Command. I’ve been in and out of the theaters of war multiple, multiple times. I’ve visited our organic industrial base facilities. I’ve visited all of our installations. So that is an enormous time away. But it allowed me to see the organization, to meet the leadership, to understand the challenges and concerns that you don’t receive through a briefing,” Via said.

But he looks forward to what the future holds and believes he is leaving the organization in good hands.

"While we'll have a change in leadership, the mission of the command will continue. I think and have full confidence, Gen. (Gustave) Perna will come in and build on the successes we've been able to achieve during my tenure," he said.

Via said he is proud to have lead such a successful organization. When asked about his legacy, he said he hopes he was a good example of a leader to others.

“I hope my legacy will be that I’ve been able to serve as an example to others of what it requires to be a servant leader. That’s been what I’ve strived
to do is be a servant leader, not a commander that other’s serve. Provide an environment where people feel appreciated for what they do. They feel trusted to accomplish the missions they’ve been given and know they are support if the mission doesn’t go the way they think. I hope people will want to immolate my leadership style and be able to utilize that in support of the missions that they’re given," Via said.

This Friday will be the change of command ceremony where he will hand over the reins to Lt. Gen. Gustave Perna, who'll be promoted to general before the ceremony.

Via said he hopes he will be able to take the time to be with his family and move back to Virginia.

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