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Presidential debate drawing interest of Madison high school students


It's the first time they've ever voted in a presidential election, and a group of Madison high school students are all in on Monday night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

They're young, interested in politics, and believe this presidential debate is the granddaddy of them all. Now their excitement is spreading across campus.

"Shockingly, a lot of students are talking about it, seeing who is going to be watching it," said Christian Arnsparger, president of James Clemons High School's politicos club.

"If it was just boring politicians people wouldn't get involved. With the age of social media you see all of these videos of the craziness. It gets you involved, it gets you interested," said club member Jonathan Marcus.

Both are interested to see two things. First, they want to see if the candidates will stick to the issues. Secondly, they're curious how bad the personal attacks will become.

"It really is reality TV.” said Arnsparger. “It's ridiculous for a political cycle."

"I’m definitely going to watch. The candidates have never been this polarizing, the country is definitely split two and two, it's going to be a circus," said Marcus.

Whether it's a circus or not, the JCHS politicos club is going to break down every sentence spoken as they continue their education in American politics.   

Arnsparger and Marcus both encourage all of the student body to watch the debate because some of these teens will vote in the upcoming election for the first time in their lives.

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