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Caddo Cafeteria serves up community spirit

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Many small towns have restaurants which take on the role of a "gathering place" or "hang out." Such is the case with the Caddo Cafeteria in the East Lawrence area.

This little corner of the world has been in the Lentz family for years.  What's now known as the Caddo Cafeteria has been a golf range, batting cages and much more.

Tommy Lentz and his wife took over in 1996. He said it’s increased every year since then.

He says the key to his success is community. They said they strive for “good country cooking here and give good service,” and the community appreciates it.

"The people that come here do our advertising for us,” Lentz said.
Lentz says on game days, the school bus will pull in, and the players will eat a pre-game meal almost every Friday, whether the game is at home or away. Customers will often clap and share words of encouragement to the team.
“It's good for us. It's good for the community,” he said.

And like many other eateries, they have a liar’s table. But Tommy says he puts some restrictions on them.

"There's just certain days that they can tell lies,” he said.
Lots of groups meet here. And there are a lot of people from the surrounding area who try it once and keep coming back.

"It's a good place to come every day. I come every day and eat and a lot of my friends that I went to school with and stuff like that come too,” said Michael Dutton, who grew up in east Lawrence.

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