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Clinton’s ailments bring awareness of pneumonia

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Hillary Clinton's campaign is going to release the presidential candidate's health records after the Democratic presidential candidate had to leave an event this weekend because of pneumonia.

She was captured on video fainting and needing help to get into a van. Her campaign says they could have handled the incident better.

Pneumonia is a lung infection that killed about 53,000 people in the U.S. in 2013, according to the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are several different types of pneumonia. You can recuperate at home with some. But others can require a hospital visit.

Dr. Scott Harris, an assistant state health officer for Alabama, said patients who have pneumonia but don’t require hospitalization as sometimes referred to as “walking pneumonia.”

“Those tend to be a certain type of bacteria that cause a lot of symptoms that are different from a lung infection. People with walking pneumonia tend to have more flu symptoms where they have headaches and achy joints and muscles. They can have sometimes diarrhea,” Harris said.

Harris said there are specific treatments for bacteria-based pneumonia. He said those patients often end up in the hospital and taking antibiotics.

There is also a type of pneumonia that is a virus.

“In most cases antibiotics don't help at all. Treatment is supportive. People need fluids and people need adequate rest. We want to keep them hydrated and we treat fever and their aches and pains,” he said.

Harris said the type you get is based on many factors, including like age and previous illnesses.

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