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Tailgating at the 'Que' in Plainview

Barbeque from the Roadside Que. (Source: WAFF) Barbeque from the Roadside Que. (Source: WAFF)

At a small spot off the highway between Rainsville and Plainview, a barbeque crew is busy making others hungry.

Christman managed restaurants for years and said he enjoys serving people.

"My wife was born and raised in Rainsville and we met in Denver, 15 years ago and we have two young kids, a son and a daughter, and as soon as we had the first one my wife wanted to get back home to her parents and get close to grandparents," said Justin Christman.

His love of cooking started early.  

"My passion for cooking really started when I was young.  I had three brothers and for my mom to keep us fed and clothed was a feat in and of itself. But I would spend a lot of my time, once she was in the kitchen, cooking dinner I would go in and help her," he said.

Later in life, an adventure would spark another passion. 

"My wife and I went on a 16 state, 24 barbeque restaurant road trip, before we decided we were going to open a barbeque restaurant, just for fun," said Christman. "We enjoyed the northeastern barbeque of Alabama.  We have a really nice white sauce that I really think goes well and that's something unique to this area."

Experimentation led to some delicious concoctions.   

"We make all of our own sauce, and we kind of took what I feel are some of the best aspects from each area," said Christman. "We get all of our, when they're available, meats from local farmers."

It's a way of neighbor helping neighbor.  

They are open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday.  But Christman said if business continues to boom, they'll be seeing a lot of high school crowds. 

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