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Heat can be dangerous at Friday night football games

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The new school year brings the excitement of high school football.  Big crowds and crazy southern weather can be a challenge, especially for people with health concerns.

The heat is a big concern, especially for people with high blood pressure, diabetes or heart conditions. Ric Wilkinson, the director of training and quality assurance for First Response Ambulance Service, said heat indexes can go over 100 degrees on the field and in the stands.

Ambulance workers advise being prepared for the heat. This means staying hydrated and protecting yourself from the elements.

"What we really want to think about is the frost nip or frost bite, in minor form. But you'll get where they're not dressing appropriately. They may have sweatpants and a T-shirt or khaki pants and a T-shirt," he said. "And we suggest the T-shirt is OK but wear a long-sleeved shirt over that, maybe a sweater and always protect your ears. Always protect your hands, protect your nose."

Wilkinson said pre-game activities can also have an effect,

"Maybe they mowed the grass before they came, got a little too dehydrated, thought they were going to get a snack in the stands, that just didn't happen," he said. "That predisposes them to be more apt to heat injuries."

Wilkinson said they always see a problem when it rains too because the bleachers become slippery.

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