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Alabama getting new money to fight Zika

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Alabama health officials say the state has been preparing for local Zika transmissions since the outbreak was reported several months ago. The governor's office has released $250,000 in emergency money.

"The epidemiology folks in Montgomery decide when to step up....the intention that would play a role and when the funds are going to be released," said Scott Harris, assistant state health officer.

Officials say public education remains a priority for the state health department. This includes informing the public how Zika is transmitted and. prevention. Officials are also involved in property inspection to look for places where mosquitoes can breed.

Harris said they want to make sure they are testing people returning form infested areas, especially pregnant women.

"I want to get the message out that if you're pregnant you don't need to travel to these parts of the world where Zika's being transmitted," he said.

Most mosquitoes normally bite at night, but they sleep during the daytime. They spend their time is in the bushes, and that's what they mean when they say vector control.

Most spraying being done in Florida and other area affected areas include adulticide and larvacide.

Harris said he thinks vector control mostly handled by counties and cities rather than the state.

"What we are really concerned about is a possibility that we will begin to see some other transmission and I think it's very possible that will happen at some point. Our goal, of course, is to help contain that and control that," he said.

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